Dog Training

Investing in training your dog makes you a fantastic human! You are setting your dog up for success and embarking on a wonderful adventure and journey with your best friend. Through our training courses, you will develop a special bond with your canine companion that you will treasure for years.

Puppy Training - not available right now due to high volume

You have a new puppy!

There is so much your puppy is learning from when they first come home! Like children, puppies will go through evolving developmental stages such as fear, cutting their teeth, and the frustrating teenage years, which typically include a lack of listening or selective listening (yes, just like children).  It can test our patience and become exasperating.

Building a healthy relationship with your puppy includes leadership between you, your pup, and everyone else in your household, ensuring a lasting, healthy and safe bond with your furry companion.

Your puppy will learn manners, prevent behaviour problems such as jumping on people/children and excessive barking, house training, loose leash walking, recall training, and learning not to bite, mouth or chew inappropriate things.

Agility Training - not available right now due to high volume

Among many dog sports, agility training is one of the most popular. We offer basic agility for fun training which is an excellent method to give your dog a “job” with the bonus of burning off their energy. The activity is entertaining for both you and your dog and not to be confused with competitive sport. As long as your dog is in good health, you and your dog will have a great time learning new things and doing something fun together!

The bonus? It helps build lean muscle, improve coordination, strengthen their joints, and the mental energy release equals one tired pup!  The confidence your dog will feel often transfers over to other parts of their life, such as meeting new dogs or being in new situations.

Off-leash Training and Recall

We work with you for off-leash training and recall to help keep your dog safe at all times. Who hasn’t watched with envy an off-leash dog go running back to its human with one call? Training your dog to be off-leash provides the necessary safety and gives both of you more freedom and enjoyment.   

Reactive Training

Having a reactive dog can be a considerable problem. Learn why your dog reacts negatively to things and what to do. Most reactive dogs act this way out of fear or feeling uncomfortable. In this course, I train your dog to feel differently about their triggers through positive, controlled reinforcement. By understanding your dogs’ behaviour, we create a training program that works for you and your dog.

Custom Training Plans

Through a private consultation with you and your dog, we develop a custom plan of action. The program includes tips, routines and recommendations to address your concerns and help you raise a well-behaved dog.

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