Dog Grooming

A grooming schedule is an important part of maintaining a healthy dog. Regular grooming can help prevent skin diseases, parasites and help release natural oils in the skin.

At Seaside Canine we treat your dog like our own.  Samantha has the patience, care and attention to detail to ensure your pup has a wonderful experience while being groomed.

We are accepting grooming appointments in September for dogs that are under 50lbs.


A complete groom includes a high-quality shampoo to remove dirt and odour, leaving your pooch with a beautiful shiny coat.  We then wrap your fur buddy in a towel to remove excess water and finish with a hand dry.

From there, we trim their nails as short as possible and give your fur buddy a good brushing. Your fur baby will be clean, stylish and content. We will discuss what type of trim you would like for your dog and provide an estimate before starting.

Nail Trimming

Long nails, over time, can do severe damage to your dog. If nails continuously touch the ground, they exert force back into the nail bed, creating pain for the dog. Long nails can also disturb their natural alignment leaving them susceptible to injuries.

A dog’s nails should be trimmed every 2 to 3 weeks.

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