About Samantha

Sam training dogs

Samantha Lazarz received her professional dog trainer degree through Julie Carter at West Coast Canine Academy in North Saanich, BC, in 2019. 

Julie Carter, West Coast Canine Academy, is renowned for her training with high aggression dogs which was included in Samantha’s training. Also included were tracking, rally and agility training. Sam’s experience includes working at doggie daycare centres, dog agility programs, and grooming services.

Dogs can be very therapeutic, and having a dog in my life has been hugely beneficial. I want to share the joy of having a well-trained dog with everyone.

Sam has always had a passion for animals, and it was a natural choice to become a dog trainer. Since earning her degree, she started Seaside Canine using that focus to create a safe, loving and trusted environment to share her love for dogs.

Samantha, love helping dogs reach their full potential and get the most out of life – for them and their owners.

We all have core values that define who we are. Animals are at the core of who I am and what I stand for – training our beloved fur-babies. Add this to being outside and spending time hiking, walking at the beach and in the forest with my dogs, and my soul is complete. I love sharing my passion with others.

It is well known that animals react to our energy. Dogs find my energy very calming and peaceful, which enables me to provide the best training possible. Dogs sense my calming nature and react serenely and calmly during our training time together. Most dogs have always been drawn to me, which provides such joy in my life.  Working in a field that I love and seeing the results of my efforts in the dogs that I train and how thrilled their “parents” are is the best reward of all.

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