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We train your fur baby
With Love

At Seaside Canine we use a balanced training method which has proven to have a higher success rate.

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Your Fur Baby is in
Good Hands

Seaside Canine's training programs cover manners, recall, tracking, rally and agility training.

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A well-trained dog is a
Great Companion

"Dogs can be very therapeutic and having a dog in my life has been hugely beneficial" says Sam. "I want to share the joy of having a well-trained dog with everyone."

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Aggressive Dog?
We Can Help!

Animals react to our energy and my energy around dogs is very calming and peaceful. The dogs sense this in me and react calmly and peacefully. Most dogs are drawn to me and always have been.

Welcome to

Seaside Canine

Our Philosophy 

At Seaside Canine, Samantha uses a balanced training method. This method has a proven higher success rate than other training methods. We are all about ensuring that our beloved pets and their owners are well supported and come through the training programs successfully.



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Healthy Pets

Happy People

We Love Your Dog

Our Services

We offer private training sessions within a fully fenced property dedicated to dog training

Off-leash Training & Recall Using the Balanced Training Method

Reactive Training & Custom Training Plans

Dog Grooming with Care & Patience (not accepting clients)

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What Makes Us Different?

Around here, your dogs are family.

Professional Trainer You Can Trust

Samantha Lazarz is a professional dog trainer, training under Julie Carter at West Coast Canine Academy.

Ensuring Your Pet Looks Its Best

Our Dog salon provides a host of grooming services to keep your companion looking their best. 

Fostering Well-Trained Companions

We use a balanced training method, that has a higher success rate than other training methods.

Doing All with Love

Dogs are our passion and we focus our love and skills on providing a safe, nurturing environment.

Our Address

4845 West Saanich Road
Victoria, BC
V8Z 3H6

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